School Groups

Think your students hate history?  Experience a special blend of education, history and entertainment with an enlightening look at the Gettysburg civilians during the three day battle. Our walking tours will ensure students have accurate information and itineraries that enhance curriculum objectives.  Several engaging walking tours are available in the Spring and Fall for students and home school groups.

Tours are 60 minutes of easy walking. Cost: $5.50 per person (includes tax). 90 minute tours are $8.00 per person (includes tax)

 We also have an entertaining program designed for students 9 years and younger. “I Spy Downtown Gettysburg”  A scavenger hunt for the eyes.  Hunt is 45 minutes in length.  Cost is $5.50 per person (includes tax).

We also offer three programs that bring daily life, as seen through the eyes of the children who lived in Gettysburg, PA in 1863 to your students. These programs can be presented in your classroom or at 11 Lincoln Square.

“A Window to the Past”  

Let your students look through our window to learn about Gettysburg, PA on the eve of the Battle. Our Licensed Town Historians will have artifacts, pictures and stories about some of the children who were growing up in Gettysburg in 1863.  We also explore how they experienced the battle and its aftermath during the summer of 1863.

“A Window on the Home”

If you lived in Gettysburg in 1863, what would your home look like?  How would you dress? What chores would you have? This program illustrates the daily life of a child in the mid-nineteenth century. Our historians will come with representative toys, household items and other artifacts of daily life.

“A Window on the School”

How did children learn in 1863 Gettysburg? Your students will discover that, although things look different, they are learning some of the same things their great-great-great-great grand parents did.  What would you wear to school? What books would you read? What games would you play? What happened if you were late to school?  Our historians will have representative toys, clothing and school room items.

Tours are 60 minutes of easy walking. Cost: $5.50 per person (includes tax). 90 minute tours are $8.00 per person (includes tax)