“These programs can be presented by the Historians at the group’s requested location.”

The Unsung Heroes, The Civilian Ladies of Gettysburg:

This program introduces you to the civilian women of Gettysburg before, during and after the Battle of Gettysburg.  Their untold stories of individual bravery and sacrifice recognizes the seldom credited heroes of the aftermath of the Battle.

Ike & Mamie:

The Eisenhower Program explores the life, triumphs and successes of Ike & Mamie from their early days at Gettysburg, including Camp Colt and continues throughout their careers, to their final days at Gettysburg.  The program offers unique insight into the Eisenhowers and their contributions to the American people and the town of Gettysburg. 

Gettysburg History The Memorial Years 1863 - 1963: 

This powerpoint program starts in August 1863 after the battle of Gettysburg and highlights historic events which occurred in the town of Gettysburg and the battlefield over the next 100 years. Learn about the growth of the town, Presidential visits and reunions between the soldiers of the North and South who fought in the 3 day battle.

"All  Creatures Great and Small"

War impacts all beings, not just people.  These are moving stories of animals, both military mascots and civilian pets, innocent creatures caught up in the maelstrom of the great battle.

"The College Goes to War!":

A small college, its students and professors--what happened here during the battle and its aftermath will both surprise and intrigue you; it may forever change the way you look at Gettysburg College.

"I  Swear by Apollo the Physician":

A view of medicine during the Civil War, its triumphs, tragedies and innovations.  Hear the stories of the doctors and nurses who dedicated themselves to healing the wounds of war.

"Love in a Time of War":

"Love is forever" was the inscription Abraham Lincoln put in the ring he gave to Mary. War and its horrors cannot change this.  Learn about several inspiring love stories of Gettysburg civilians and soldiers.

Lincoln’s Visit to Gettysburg “November 18-19, 1863”:

A powerpoint presentation and talk on President Lincoln’s historical visit.  Learn the reasons for inviting the President, his trip from Washington D.C. to Gettysburg, his stay at the Will’s house, the procession and dedication ceremonies at the National Cemetery, his famous Gettysburg Address and many interesting stories about Lincoln’s stay in Gettysburg.

A Virtual Tour of the Soldiers National Cemetery at Gettysburg:

A powerpoint presentation and talk on the history of the National Cemetery, it’s monuments and the brave soldiers buried in the sacred grounds.