The Gettysburg Heritage Trail Program includes 5 program elements, one of which is The Historic Gettysburg Trail.  A boy scout must complete all 5 to receive a badge.

The Historic Gettysburg Trail is a 3 mile walking tour of the town of Gettysburg, which takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. The Gettysburg Licensed Town Historians are qualified to guide you on this walk and help you imagine what it was like to live in 1863 Gettysburg before, during and after the 3 day battle. You will visit required historic sites and hear the civilians’ perspective on what happened in their town.  You will also walk in Lincoln’s footsteps and experience his visit to Gettysburg November 18 - 19, 1863.

If you are not here to participate in the Gettysburg Heritage Trail Program and are just interested in knowing what the town and civilians experienced during the 3 day battle, then join us for one of our 90 minute walking tours. We use historic photographs and actual civilian accounts to relate the events that occurred in the town.

Cost for The Historic Gettysburg Trail: $11.00 per person (includes tax)
Cost for 90 minute walking tour: $8.00 per person (includes tax).


The women and girls of the town played a great part in caring for the wounded soldiers, union and confederate. Walk through the town and  learn what it was like to be a girl living in 1863 Gettysburg before, during and after the 3 day battle. Hear about President Lincoln’s visit and the National Cementery. Our walks are easy walking and designed to fit your scout troup’s activities.

Cost for 90 min tour $8.00 per person (includes tax).